When to book your wedding photographer

The most important factor that determines when you should book your photographer (and other high demand vendors) is the time of year your wedding is!

The busiest season and most sought after wedding dates are in fall. September and October especially. Saturdays, of course, will go first. If you are wanting this PRIME season on a Saturday you are going to have to book your dream vendors well in advance.

Well, what is well in advance for the wedding industry?

Right now, at least 12 months, but 16 months is ideal.

That is a relatively long engagement period, for sure! You may be thinking “Oh sh*t I just got engaged and our date is 10 months away.” Don’t worry!! Reach out to see if your photographer is available. If they aren’t, they can give you some amazing recommendations.

Let’s say you are 100% set on an October wedding, but you top 3 photographers are booked every Saturday. Well, you can compromise and have a Sunday or weekday wedding!

Summer is still a very busy season, and should be booked out almost as early as fall. The same story goes for Saturdays – they go first. Summer saturdays reach out 10-12 months in advance!

Spring is the start of busy season. April and May. Usually things will slowly pick up, a couple of weddings a month. 8-10 months for a Saturday. 6 months+ for a Sunday or weekday should be good!

Winter (December, January, February, March) is the slowest time for the wedding industry. Most photographers have very little weddings booked these months. Your likelihood of them being available is very high! Yay for Christmas themed weddings!! Reach out about 4 months in advance, so they have time to change travel plans or reschedule launches etc.

Overall if you want any Saturday you’ll have to be more proactive about booking high demand vendors! Like your venue, photographer and planner.

If you have a photographer that you loveee (like meee) ask them when they open their books, and when a good time to book is! That never hurts.

Here is a little chart to help you visualize the best time to book:

🍂Fall: Saturday12-16 months+
🍂Fall: Sunday/Weekday8-10 months+
☀️Summer: Saturday10-12 months+
☀️Summer: Sunday/Weekday6 months+
🌷Spring: Saturday8-10 months+
🌷Spring: Sunday/Weekday6 months+
❄️Winter: Saturday4 months+
❄️Winter: Sunday/Weekday1 month+

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